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Our Aims

 Safer Surfing

The Internet is here to stay - an amazing and often free resource of almost unlimited information means that more families are getting online then ever before.  This is possibly because the Internet has something to offer almost everyone.

Whether you need to know what sort of soil to grow your fig tree in, how to de-coke the engine or what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, the Internet will tell you. Kids can find out answers for their homework - and also satisfy their natural curiosity without needing to depend on you to answer all of the "Why" questions!

There are however some sites on the Internet which many people wish were not there. It is a fact of life however that they exist - and will continue to do so. With this is mind, rather than bury our heads in the sand, we have tried to ensure that there are at least ways to try and protect young people from unsuitable material. As a result of this, we have spent time researching some of the better "protection software" now available to ensure that even when you are not supervising the use of the computer, sites of an adult nature will be filtered out. (Whilst still allowing adults access if they wish). By clicking our Web Sites Of Interest, you will find we have various sites that may be of interest to you under the "Parental Internet Locks" heading.

 Fast Service

Many of the most amazing sites on the Internet require you to download certain other "plug-ins". These are software add-ons which work with your Internet Browser to enable it to do more things than before - play music to you, allow you to watch streaming video, animated graphics and other tricks. The problem is that these pages can sometimes take a LONG time to load - and as a result can be irritating for the user. Our policy is to make all of our help pages, information pages and indexes as simple as possible - with the result that although you might not see stupendous graphics on our own pages, you will find the information you need - and fast. The servers that Lineisp use are also upgraded ahead of time - to ensure that your experience of the Internet is not one long engaged tone.

Sometimes, you will find that a page is much slower to load than usual - this is usually because either the site you are visiting is very busy and their servers are struggling to cope - or sometimes, the entire network is being heavily used.  We are a very pro-active business which means that if the problem is at our end, we will already be working to resolve the fault before you even noticed it.

 Striking A Balance

Striking a balance is rarely an easy thing to do, our policy on unacceptable material is therefore based on the understanding that providing something is legal and does not impose itself in any way on someone else, we will not seek to censor unless compelled to do so. It is important to recognize that we live in a very diverse world with a wonderfully diverse range of people. As such our list of "banned" topics is small, please respect them.

Spam is not tolerated at Lineisp, anyone using our service to send unsolicited bulk e-mail will have their accounts terminated, spammers do NOT have the right to deliver unwanted e-mails - as this breaks the individuals right to choose not to be bothered by them.

Personal Home Pages may contain material of an adult nature providing that 1) It is not illegal and 2) it is properly protected by an "Adult Verification" system. Breaching either of these rules will result in the account being terminated and in the case of a breach of condition 1, possibly being referred to the appropriate enforcement agencies. This particularly applies in the case of child pornography or promotion of terrorism. In short we have no objection to a member having a few risqué pictures of themselves on their Home Page, but we expect them to behave responsibly towards the rest of the Internet community and to ensure that minors have no direct access to them.