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If you choose to do a search from Anagram Engine site, you can choose other options - including one which allows you to use the more "complete" dictionary. We have used the "basic" one to ensure family-safe viewing.

The Anagram Engine "results page" has a variety of adverts on - as we use someone elses facility to provide this for you, we have no control over this.

Once the page has changed, you will need to scroll down to find your chosen anagrams (they appear in red).

Have fun!


Ever wanted to know what anagrams you can make from your own name - or from the name of a friend? Well with the Anagram Engine, it takes only moments to find out - and of course it's free. When you press the "Find Anagrams" button, this page will change to display your results but the navigation bar on the left will stay the same so you can return easily when you wish to. If you would like the anagram engine on YOUR web page, keep your eye on the "Get Published" page as we will be adding a link soon.