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Like most ISP's we have people trying to use our accounts to send spam. Unlike most ISP's we always take action against spammers - and we usually win. is presently our latest spammer. "Cindy" was offering all sorts of unspeakable delights to tempt you, "cindy"  has now lost his account with us, with freeserve, hotmail and a reputable hosting company. In the event, he had managed to send barely more than 100 unsolicited emails before his problems started. They are not yet finished either, as the images in question were arguably unlawful and the appropriate agencies have been notified. operated premium rate lines and used our services to advertise his number. Lots of hype, fluff and nonsense - and a premium rate number. ICSTIS (premium rate watchdogs) were contacted within an hour of the first spam e-mail being sent, along with a request that an emergency procedure was invoked (it was) lines disconnected (they were) and revenue retained (it was).

A previous spammer ( has had his "temporary web site" and also his principal site terminated. In addition, we unearthed information about the spammer in question which has resulted in him being investigated for certain unrelated crimes. His lack of server space is not presently his most significant problem.

Be warned, if you want to use an account from which to spam, there are other, far less aggressive ISP's to use - certainly the bulk of spam we receive is from AOL users. As for us, we prefer to err on the side of being draconian.

Your call.