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Why Lineisp?

Lineisp sets itself apart from other service providers in a number of ways, these are particularly important to professional business users. Although we are happy to discuss individual requirements in greater detail, the following "bullet points" offer a quick overview of the key items you may be interested in.

As with our domestic users, service is provided free (see FAQ if this seems to good to be true)

ISDN access for fast reliable communications - for you and your site visitors

Modem access - you can use us from home as well as the office

Add/Banner free space - (you simply cannot have a professional site that advertises everyone else)

Fast simple joining process - join online in under 5 minutes

No costs = no budget problems to secure your presence on the Internet

Unlimited e-mail - each person AND department can have their own e-mail account

25 MB web space means quite large web sites can be published here without any financial implications

Flexible approach to any further needs you may have.

For a great free speech social media website, try

For reasons of bandwidth, we are unable to host pornographic sites as they can have an adverse effect on overall system performance. Anyone operating a pornographic site from our servers will have their web content deleted and their account terminated. This means our fast access stays fast.

If you need or want your own domain name for your web space, your only cost then will be the cost of registering the domain name itself, typically around £25 for two years, all traffic can then be forwarded to your free space here. You will be also be able to divert all e-mails from your account here too if you wish.

We are happy to answer any further enquiries you may have, please use the feedback form for a fast response.