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You may never need to contact us, joining is usually so straightforward and simple.

However, if you have any questions or difficulties, we are here to help.
Contact Us

To check your Lineisp Webmail  Click Here

For all general enquiries (but NOT technical support), please contact us at
For support calls ONLY, please contact us at

We have made setting the system up as simple as possible for you. If however you need more help, you should contact explaining what your problems are.

For the technically minded of you who simply wants to know what entries to use when setting up your browser and e-mail handler, the following should be all you need to know:

Telephone Number: 0845 000 1294
ISDN Number: 0845 000 1294
POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:
NNTP Server:


Information on FTPing will be provided when you reserver your space by visiting We also provide a link where you can download a copy of a suitable ftp program for personal use. (Business and certain other use will require you to buy the software instead of downloading it free).

Magazines / TV Companies

Since we have started magazine and TV advertising, we have had a fair number of people wishing us to advertise with them. Most of them try to sell us rate card prices. Dream on petal.

If you are a magazine / TV Company wishing us to place advertising with you, please send details of your circulation / viewing figures, complete with details of a proposed advert (size or duration) here and why we should consider giving you our money when adverts come with no guarantees.

Please note if you are proposing to send us typical rate card prices, you should save your time and try elsewhere, we are not even remotely interested. You may have glossy pages or 7 million ABC1 viewers but frankly all that means is that you might be worth doing something with IF the price is right. Sorry to harp on about this but it saves time explaining to another "senior account manager" that his 10% "agency discount" he can "swing me as a personal deal" is totally inadequate. Likewise the "we don't give discounts" attitude means - as far as we're concerned - you don't get our business. Beautifully simple, deal with it.