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This page allows you to tell us how well - or not - you think we are doing.

It's your space to tell us what parts of lineisp you like and which parts you don't. There is also a space for general comments.

To check your Lineisp Webmail  Click Here

If you prefer to send us an e-mail, rather than fill in a form, please click here.

If you use the form, you do not need to fill in every line - you can send us a blank form if it tickles your fancy - but the more information you can provide, the more we are likely to be able to develop this service to your needs and requirements. We welcome all your thoughts and not just the positive ones. If you think we are getting something wrong, tell us what we can do to improve things.

Near the bottom of the form is a tick box, if you would like a personal reply to this form, please click the box - and remember to enter your e-mail address at the top!

Lineisp does not sell / rent or otherwise make available ANY of your personal information to third parties unless either requested by you to do so - or we are compelled to do so by law. This form is no exception, it is used purely to find what our members think of us in order that we can offer you something better.