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Know Something that we don't??

If you see a truly exceptional site that you think should be featured on this page, why not let us know? We sometimes give free phonecards and things to people who find things that really stand out.

Please note, we DO NOT link directly to adult sites or  other sites which we feel are likely to offend some of our members.

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Web Sites Of Interest

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Free Speech Social Media

Brief description
KidZone         NEW
A fun and safe place for children to explore
TeenZone      NEW
Fashion, music, style, clubs and more
A great place to buy and sell domains
Need to check your travel options? Click here for free route check & info
Completely free and unlimited use anti-virus program (for UK and USA only)
Connaught Telecom Soon
Substantial discount from your phone bill - free and quick to join and set up online!
Keeps little eyes away from adult sites - free trials and even Completely free packages.
Adult Verification sites to allow 18+ access to adult sites on the web - buy if you like it
Sports Pages, comprehensive listings and links.  Thanks to LogoLinks for much of this!
A selection of search engines to help you find what you are after - all free
MSN, ICQ - download what you want to help you to keep in touch - all free
Links to National and Regional news, weather forecasts and other useful things - all free
This should help to keep the cost of your mobile phone down a little - all free
Plug Ins etc to make the Internet even better - online TV etc - all free (basic versions)
TV and Radio Listings, terrestrial, satellite and cable.  - all free
Some programs and utilities to help you build you own home page - all free
Sites Offering Free Coupons and other deals. Many USA but some good UK stuff too

Accommodation Finder

Generates you a new crossword whenever you want!
Just enter a word (or several) and find all the anagrams!!
Bed & Breakfast Site
Stuck for a recipe - not anymore. HUGE selection
Our News & Weather Links
Our TV & Radio Links
Our Sports Links
Chat Rooms
Variety of different chat rooms - all free
Fashion, music, style, clubs and more
A fun and safe place for children to explore

Future links from this page are shown below. More will be added as and when we can think of extra facilities that will make your Internet experience more enjoyable. Please feel free to tell us what you want to see here - we would prefer to do what we know you want - rather than guess at what you might want!

*Members Pages      Various Home pages created by our members - all free

*Shopping       From flowers to cars - and often at huge savings on high street prices - buy if you like it