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At Lineisp we make it easy and free to get yourself published on the Internet.
Everything you need to get started is on this page, it's easy to use and best of all - it's free.


Get Published!

You have a few choices here, the main program we are suggesting you download is WebPlus1 - with it you can be publishing your own Internet site quickly and easily.  Once you have downloaded what you want, you will need to tell WebPlus1 what ftp settings you need. All the answers are on our settings page for your convenience. If however you have any difficulties, just drop us a line and we will help you sort things out.

Just click what you need to download, if for any reason you find the download has a problem (server not found etc) you can try clicking the "reserve" site instead. Sometimes if thousands of people are downloading the same program all around the world, a server may stop handling any new requests. If you find you cannot get your download working, just tell us about it here and we will investigate and get back to you with an answer.

Important! If you are new to downloading files from the Internet, this may be a useful tip: When you are asked if you would like to "save this program to disk" or "run from current location", If you select the "run from current location", it can be much easier as almost everything is automatic - BUT if your computer has a problem during installation you might need to download the file all over again.  Alternatively: Select the "save this program to disk" option and you can then save the program in any directory you wish (desktop perhaps). When the download has completed, find the file and run it. To do this, click the START button, then select RUN and then select BROWSE. Now locate the file and double click it. The program should then install itself for you.

If you haven't already done so, you need to reserve your 25  MB of web space before you can use it, it will take you about a minute to do! Just go here to stake your claim!

If you would like to wander around the Serif site - the people providing you with this package for free, you can click here. They offer a variety of other software free of charge - as well as enhanced versions for a modest fee.

We will shortly be offering links to counters and other goodies to add to your web site too, keep an eye out for them. Having said that, if you download the Serif program and the optional extras, you might well find you have everything you need already. One extra we felt we had to add was the search facility from Atomz, it allows you to offer your visitors a professional search facility for free - and without having to have tacky banners everywhere. Lineisp uses the Atomz search facility on our own pages - we use what we recommend first!

Once you have your home page online - or a business site, please let us know if you would like us to link to it.

Lineisp can also prepare small web sites for business users (and personal users too) for a reasonable fee if you do not wish to do the work yourself. If you wish us to do this, please send us an e-mail here explaining what sort of site you are after, how many pages, what content and so on. We will then get back to you with an idea of the work and the costs involved.