Free UK Internet
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All the settings you need to use us are shown here, you can then manually configure your browser if  you prefer.

If you joined online, you will have been invited to click a little icon called "connection settings", if you did, it will have allowed you to download a little file (insfile) to your desktop. If you then logged off your present connection and then clicked this icon on the desktop, it would have added your new details automatically for you. If you are still connected with another Internet service provider and you did click the icon, all you have to do is log out and get back to the desktop. Find the little insfile icon (looks like an arrow) and click it. It will then handle everything for you quickly and safely. You can then get back on the net again - only this time using our system - for free.

If you want to do things manually, here's what you need to know!

Dialup Numbers:  0845 000 1294 (Modem or ISDN)

Dialup Username: (This is the same as your email address)

Dialup Password:  yourpassword

IP Address:  Server Assigned

DNS Servers:  Server Assigned

E-mail Address:    or

SMTP Server:

POP3 Server:

POP3 Username:

POP3 Password:  yourpassword

NNTP News Server: (Port 119 if it asks you)

The webmail system is available at and you should log in with your lineisp e-mail address and password (the one you used to join us with). If you need to know more about using the webmail service, please check the FAQ page.

If you have already claimed your web space by going to then you will need the following settings. These will have been displayed to you on the screen at the time, but in case you have forgotten them, they are as follows:

FTP Server:     Note: There is no http:// here!

Website Address:

Username:    Note: The usual @ is replaced with a dot here for ftp

Password:   yourpassword

Please note that for reasons of security, you can only upload to your site when logged in through our own server. If you try to ftp your files from another ISP, you will get permission denied. Although we have tried to make it clear to people joining us, that we are a UK ISP for UK residents only, we still have people (mainly from the US) who join us. As they will be unable to access our 0845 lo-call number, they will be unable to use us either for Internet access or web space.

The default home page for each directory MUST be called one of the following:

default.htm  or  default.html
index.htm  or  index.htrml
home.htm  or  home.html

If you do not have a page of this name in the directory, your pages will not work