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Web Site Building

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Although many people are happy to build their own web sites and indeed we provide a link to free software to help you do precisely that, we also recognize that for some, their time is better spent on what they are good at - developing their business. With this in mind, Lineisp is able to offer a "Web building" package.

Lineisp is not primarily concerned with building web sites - and does not undertake highly complex designs involving hundreds or indeed thousands of hours worth of design work. What it can do however is to establish a basic but functional and effective web site for you in very little time - and for very little money.

Near the bottom of this page, we have given some "ball park" figures for web building costs. You will notice that there is also an "update" section, this is to acknowledge the fact that web sites need to be kept current. New products appear, old ones are discontinued, address and telephone numbers change from time to time. The update section gives you an indication of the costs involved in us handling this for you - working on the basis that you e-mail us the information to be updated.

Clearly once we have built your web site for you, there is nothing to stop you undertaking this work yourselves, in which case no further fees would be payable to us.

The figures are based on you supplying photographs and text by e-mail or diskette (PC not Mac), and the text must have already been proof read. A choice of styles, colours and backgrounds will be offered to you and you will be asked how you would like the pages "to look".

For the purposes of pricing, "photographs" apply to all images, for example, company logos, product photographs or other kind of graphics - even if the actual image used is not a true photograph.

A link is defined as ANY "clickable" link - including navigation between your own pages.

All price are subject to VAT (and a 50% deposit in the case of new sites being built, the balance payable upon completion). The site will be published for you on our server and you will then be given the ftp details to handle the site as you see fit (updating, changing etc). All hosting will be free of charge.

Site Design
 (Ball park cost)
1 Page "holding site"
2 photos, 1000 words, 2 links
Photograph £15
2 Page micro site
4 photos, 2000 words, 4 links
1000 Words £15
5 Page mini site
10 photos, 5000 words, 1 Counter, 10 links
Pages £40
10 Page site
20 photos, 10000 words, 1 Counter, 30 links
Page Counter £25
15 Page site
30 photos, 15000 words, 2 Counter, 50 links
Links £5
20 page site
40 photos, 20000 words, 2 Counters, 100 links
Other: POA

For the costs involved in maintaining your site's updates for you if you do not wish to do them yourselves, please see the table below for an indication of cost. Please note replacement of text is PER change, so to replace one block of up to 1000 words with another 1000 words will cost £10, to update ten lots of up to 100 words would cost £30. If updates are on an "ad-hoc" basis, there is a minimum update charge of £25 payable at the time of requesting the changes. For ongoing updates where a deposit has been paid, there are no minimum charges. For large ongoing updates (e.g.: several pages weekly / monthly), special terms are available to substantially reduce costs.

Cost To Replace Like for Like
Cost To Add
Text 100 words
Text 1000 words
Other POA

If you would like to ask us any specific questions, please contact us on our feedback form. Thank You.