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Although there are free trials with some of this software, some of the full versions are not free - unless marked accordingly.

 Providing safer surfing for little ones - while still leaving adults with the ability to override it and see what they wish to.

Parental Internet Locks

These sites provide products which can make surfing the internet a safer place for children - and for people who do not wish to be bombarded with material which they may find unsuitable. In addition to filtering sites of a lewd nature, the filters can also screen for violence, drug and bomb and similar links. A filter should never be relied on as a "cast iron guarantee" of safety - but should be seen as a useful tool to assist parents, carers and teachers in their efforts to enable safer surfing. Weblocker seems to offer a good selection of options - enabling children of different ages to have access to different material.

We will be adding to this list as and when we find other products.    This one is completely free to download and use now - and allows adults to override it.

NB: To find this, click the "parents teachers" link at the bottom of the screen and then about halfway through the text, you will find a link to zeeksafe.