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Why have e-Business?

Increasingly, businesses now require a web presence if they are to effectively compete in an increasingly technological marketplace.

At one point, only a few pioneering businesses felt the need to establish their identity on the Internet. Since then, the market place - and more importantly, your customers have moved on. Now the local florist is conducting e-business, the supermarkets are virtually all online and pretty much every advert you now see on television will show an Internet point of contact.

A classic mistake in judgment is made when a business decides that as very few of their clients are on the Internet, they do not need to be there either. The error in judgment comes about from the fact that the only reason they do not have more contact with clients who themselves are on the net is because typically, those clients will already be dealing with the rivals - who have already had the foresight to establish and market themselves effectively online.

Another false assumption is to believe that an Internet presence is not affordable. It is true that at one point, some people were being charged many tens of thousands of pounds for a very small - and mediocre - site. This was due to the massive demand for internet site builders - and the relatively small number - and greed - of competent programmers.

But that bubble burst long ago - as did the excuse it afforded.

Increasingly, applications are making web page building as simple as using a word processor - and if you still do not wish to do the work yourself, a basic - but functional - site can be designed and built for you from as little as £200.  Even a site with around ten pages on (complete with product photographs, feedback forms and ordering instructions) should still be in three figures.

At Lineisp, we provide free hosting and free access to the Internet. If you can build a couple of pages yourself, it will cost your business *nothing* to finally establish itself in the 21st century marketplace. If you do not have the time, then for around the cost of a decent office desk, you can have it done for you.

If you are still unconvinced that you need to be online, try using a search engine and searching for the product or service that your company offers. See how many of your rivals are getting e-business and then ask yourself the same question again.

It is an established and proven fact that people are typically resistant - and frightened of change. Sometimes though, the consequence of NOT changing can be more frightening still.