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Unlike most of out site, the Leisure pages often have a high graphic content - especially in the KidZone. As a result some of the more visual pages may take a little longer than usual to appear.

Although none of these sites are "adult" in nature, sites in green are deemed especially suitable for young children, sites in blue are aimed at teenagers and sites in yellow are more likely to be of interest to adults. White sites are likely to be as popular with children and adults alike!

Although we have used careful judgment in preparing these links, web sites do change and mistakes can occur. We suggest you either ensure you have a childsafe filter in place - or have satisfied yourself that these pages are suitable for your children.

The Leisure Index is a new feature and some of the links are not yet in place.  The colour code is a guide only, even the "adult" section contains only family material - but may not be of interest to most children. Please feel free to wander around and let us know if there are any other pages you would like to see here. The Anagram Finder is great fun, give it a try if you have five minutes to spare!

Please note that this site is maintained for historical archive use
upkeep and additions are sporadic

Google - search engine


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